HR Management Solutions

Human resources administration may be a simple phrase, but the responsibilities involved are vast and resource consuming. It involves legal understanding of an extreme level and enormous financial resources, not something companies can always afford. Tulsa Payroll Services takes care of this through its comprehensive HR services.

Why You Need to Outsource

Human Resource Services

Ensuring compliance with State and Federal employment laws, workplace safety requirements, employee satisfaction, and comprehensive benefits; accounting, tax calculation and filing, prompt payroll processing and such other duties can consume quite a lot of your resources, compromising productivity and raising operating costs. By outsourcing human resources management to Tulsa Payroll Services, we ensure discharge of HR responsibilities in a more efficient manner, contributing to greater productivity of staff.

From the recruitment and selection of employees to risk management and legal compliance, Tulsa Payroll Services helps you streamline HR through innovative solutions that are cost-effective, adaptable to the size, structure and needs of your business, profitable and that ultimately contribute to the long term success of your organization.

Human Resources Management


Tulsa Payroll Services’s day-to-day HR services consist of:

  • Online HR software solutions
  • Employee self service
  • Screening and assessing of employees
  • Providing employee performance reviews
  • Providing employee benefits administration
  • Preparing health and safety programs for employees
  • Maintaining files of personnel
  • Developing and managing HR forms
  • Preparing and updating employee handbooks, workplace policies and procedures
  • Unemployment claims management services

We efficiently take care of the following:

  • OSHA Compliance
  • Immigration Compliance
  • Employee Orientations
  • Termination Assistance
  • Conflict Resolution/Employee Relations

Put your business on the path to success with Tulsa Payroll Services’s cost-effective and comprehensive human resources administration services. Contact us at 918-212-9843 to find out more about the benefits of Tulsa Payroll Services’s human resources management services.